Animation station

This page is dedicated to our class animation activities. Initially a lot of the work has focused on the children being able to use the equipment confidently plus have some fun!

Battle of the mountians

Battle of the mountians pdf

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.19.27 pm



Stikfas band – This was the first example I made to show the children the basic ideas behind stop motion animation and how it could be done using our recently purchased stikfas figures.

The children had a real blast making paper critters using the paper critters website so we decided this was the perfect opportunity to make a group animation and practice some of the animating we had discussed.


The next step in our animation learning was for children to split into groups and plan a basic scene where they had the stikfas figures act out a sequence of moves. All these small animations movies were put together using imovie to create a collection of animation work.

With some class discussion we tried a new approach with icananimate using our class whiteboard. This was put together and edited by Mr McCarthy and Hayden.

The last three movies on this page are computer animations created using spore creature creator and imovie.

61 thoughts on “Animation station

  1. hey mr mccarthy hows hokowhitu and uve still got those animations from last year i see (: (:

  2. Hello!! I use to be in this class in year 6 which was 2009. I remember some of these animations. 🙂
    Enjoy Hokowhitu while you can!

  3. i love being in ur class mr mcarthy it is fun learning things on the computer u r the best teacher in the universe

  4. Hi I am Josiah. Im in Mr Slones class. I love video games and I love animals caught a praying mantis good bye.

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