Cluster map

Supreme Seven regularly check our cluster map (right hand side tool bar) to see where around the world people have been looking at our blog. We noticed that our cluster map has had its yearly archive and has less visit dots. It will interesting to see if we can beat last years amount of visits to our blog this year.

Last years total & map.
Cluster map

Brain teaser and riddle

It’s back for another year. 50 points for your desk group and your name in the Awesome box.

Brain teaser:

What were the two main errors that Captain Cook made when he first drew his map of New Zealand?

This weeks riddle is supplied by Jordan.

A man is in a locked cell and all he has with him is a chair. How does he get out?

Welcome back!

Welcome to Kakapo Team!
This year our team is comprised of four Year 5/6 classes, taught by Mr Ben McCarthy [R7], Mrs Cecily Hoskins [Team Leader,R6], Ms Tineke Hill [R4] and Mrs Lynne Handcock [R3].
We are looking forward to a busy and productive year! Our first theme is “Here Comes The Sun”, a science topic which teaches the children about different sources of energy. We will be asking lots of “I wonder” questions about where our electricity comes from and how the new solar panels on our school roof work.
In P.E. are aiming at our Triathlon, which will be held on Thursday 4th March, starting at 11am. The children will run and bike around the outside of our school playground and park, and then swim two lengths of the school pool. This event is always challenging and good fun! You are very welcome to come along and watch. Each class has swimming every day and your child needs to bring a note from you if s/he is not swimming.

In week 8 [22nd-26th March] we will hold our annual Poetry Festival. Each child will learn and perform a poem by heart to say in front of their class and the best ones will recite theirs to the Team on Friday 26th March.
In the next three weeks we will be testing your child in various aspects of reading and maths so that we have a detailed understanding of his/her strengths and needs and can tailor our teaching accordingly. You are always welcome to talk to us about any concerns you have. Please visit our class blogs to keep up to date with all we do! We rely on your support with homework and believe that close communication between home and school is the most effective way to help your child progress.
Thanks to all those who have already purchased and covered stationery.
School sunhats are a compulsory part of our uniform and can be bought at the school office. We encourage the children to wear sunscreen.
We are a ‘water only’ school. Please only send water in your child’s drink bottle.
It was great to see so many of you at our picnic! We welcome you to parent/teacher conferences next week.
Regards, Cecily Hoskins